Monday, May 26, 2008

Review for Finding Hollywood Nobody

This Nobody does it better. After knocking it out of the park with the first of her Scotty Dawn books, Hollywood Nobody, Lisa Samson has done it again with Finding Hollywood Nobody, a quirky tale that not only picks up where the last one left off (thank you, thank you) but continues to grow a well-rounded and flawed, but lovable, heroine you just have to root for.

Scotty still has her nomad life but now has a little more information into the where’s and why’s of how it all came to be. Loaded with this information in a newer RV, she becomes braver and hungrier for more. Her tender heart for those in need hasn’t changed either though she risks more when reaching out.

Lisa has never shied away from controversial subjects and still doesn’t here. It is refreshing to have those taboo subjects—ones our youth face everyday, but too many adults don’t want to discuss—addressed in a moral and thoughtful manner. There is reality here in this brilliant work of fiction. How Ms. Samson blends the fantasy life of a teenager on the run and hiding in the Hollywood crowd with real issues teenagers are dealing with daily only goes to show what a craftsman she truly is.

Finding Hollywood Nobody is a must for the YA crowd and I can only hope mothers and daughters will read it together and discuss it—maybe over a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. I think Lisa and Scotty would approve.

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