Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wish I’d Known You Tears Ago by Stephen Bly

Can you really live your dreams? Is there a way to revisit the happiest time of your life? Develyn Worrell, Indiana school teacher, took a chance and is about to put that to the test in Stephen Bly's Horse Dreams trilogy. This, the final book of the series, has her wrapping up her summer vacation in the sleepy little town of Argenta, Wyoming.

I hadn’t read the first two books of the series before I read this one so it took me a bit to get into the story—the confusion didn’t last long and though Wish I’d Known You Tears Ago can stand on it’s own, I suggest going back and reading the series in order for total understanding. This is a laid back read in spite of the excitement at the beginning and the end. The western way of life blankets everything—attitudes, drawls, and humor. What might be a tad bit strange in corn-fed Indiana will seem perfectly at home in Argenta. If you like a kicked back pace and cowboy wisdom, then you will enjoy Wish I’d Known You Tears Ago, but I still think you should read the first two (Memories of a Dirt Road Town and The Mustang Breaker) first.


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