Wednesday, June 14, 2006

DragonKnight by Donita K. Paul

When Donita K. Paul asked if I would like to review her third installment in her DragonKeeper Chronicles series, I decided take her up on her offer—not because I know her work or love the genre, but because I’ve met her. Ms. Paul is kind and funny, plus she had made a special effort to sign a book for my nephew. I generally do not read fantasy. Not that I have anything against it but having read C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, I doubted anything would compare. I was wrong.

DragonKnight caught me up into the land of Amara and never let me go. Ms. Paul’s descriptive talent is so strong, I could easily see each character, every setting as if I stood in the midst. The writing is as pure and fanciful as Lewis or Tolkien on their best days and I believe Amara will soon be included when others speak of Narnia or the Shire. But of course, this means I need to go and buy DragonSpell and DragonQuest. Ms. Paul hooked me with DragonKnight. As good as it is, though, may I make a suggestion? Buy all three books at once and start with DragonSpell so you won’t be in my shoes—grabbing my credit card to buy two more books.


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